Lubbock, Texas Hit By Intense Dust Storm

Lubbock, Texas Hit By Intense Dust Storm

While the June 5, 2013, Lubbock, TX, haboob was a single unreported incident, it isn’t troublesome to make the leap that there have been other storms that have been equally unreported. This idea opens up many prospects in regard to future analysis, particularly, the possibility of developing an algorithm that identifies gust fronts as carriers of sand, mud, or filth. With identification comes the potential for identifying historic events and thereby creating a haboob climatology.

A time-lapse video from a TV news station in Lubbock caught the mud storm because it moved through a neighborhood. “We nonetheless have a major drought going via the western area of the South Plains into New Mexico. Until we see more rain and its not so dry like this, we are able to anticipate extra mud storms,” Ernst said. There is evidence in the ZDR (Figure 3) of both the northern gust entrance and the gust front advancing earlier than the thunderstorm.

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Haboobs have been observed within the Sahara, Sahel , in addition to throughout the Arabian Peninsula, throughout Kuwait, and in the most arid areas of Iraq. Haboob winds in the Arabian Peninsula, Iraq, Kuwait are regularly created by the collapse of a thunderstorm. This video exhibits the massive wall of mud approaching the city of Big Spring, northeast of Midland. LUBBOCK, Texas — A mud storm warning was issued in Lubbock Monday night as large, thick clouds of dust shaped throughout the world. Correlation coefficient speaks to the homogeneity of the scatterers in a variety quantity.

Wind gusts have been transferring at a fee of practically 70 miles per hour.

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A robust cold entrance triggered thunderstorms that brought sturdy winds down to the surface, picking up mud and dust and pulling it towards the city of Lubbock, Texas. As seen within the video above from KCBD news, the massive haboob swept over town resulting in zero visibility. On Wednesday, June 5, 2019, at roughly 6 p.m., Lubbock, Texas, was hit by a wall of mud. Known as a haboob, this intense mud storm was generated by severe thunderstorms to the west.

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This clear low signal can be seen on the northern gust front; though the road is far fainter it is still current as a really skinny blue line. Specific to gust fronts or density currents are a change in the path of the wind with the passage of the entrance. As mentioned by Klingle and Smith 1987 , this may be seen in the Doppler velocity as a pattern of linear convergence along the radial. The first moment or radial velocity is the record of the final motion toward or away from the Doppler radar by the scatterers located within the range volume.


The storm developed into a haboob, which is a violent wind that blows in the course of the summer season. In this case, the haboob pushed east throughout the southern South Plains. There was zero visibility due to the blowing dust within the impacted areas. The National Weather Service shared a time-lapse video of the storm making its method over town at 61 mph. LUBBOCK, Texas – A massive dust storm rolled over Lubbock on Wednesday, blanketing the city in a layer of dust.

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