Afterwards, it’s revealed that his mom is lifeless and that his father is in prison, quickly to be launched. The opening scene reveals Sim Deok-chul attending a funeral for a deceased friend. One of them admits he should have planned his retirement. Deok-chul notes they are not crying as a result of the older they get, the extra they get used to saying goodbye, which is an upsetting assertion. On his means residence, Deok-chul sees a ballet studio and be admires it. He then sees Lee Chae-rok practising ballet, and he’s in awe.

The webtoon didn’t focus much on the ballet part, however they did present a number of basics of the dance if I remember accurately. Besides, the primary focus of the story is Deok-chul’s and the way he overcomes the boundaries of old age. His character is really inspiring and I am simply glad to see it in action.

Navillera Episode 1 Recap

Over the course of his life, he always put his household first before his dream. Making the choice to lastly pursue his dream, Shem Deok Chool joins a ballet college, where he meets 23-yr-old Lee Chae Rok. The younger ballet dancer struggles to assist himself financially, and his passion for ballet has begun to fade away, that’s till he meets aspiring ballet dancer Shim Deok Chool.

I read somewhere that he practiced ballet for six months (correct me if I’m wrong). I am not sure how much ballet did he do since I just know somebody might have act as a double every time the scene zooms out. Netflix It’s troublesome to soar in life if you are tethered to remorse. That’s what happens to each primary characters within the Korean drama Navillera—also known as Like A Butterfly. Both characters are so burdened by regrets and unresolved longing that they can not totally embrace and luxuriate in life.


There will be a total of 12 episodes of Navillera, with new episodes available to stream every Monday and Tuesday. Each episode has a runtime of approximately 60 minutes. As the episode ends, Ki Seung-joo tells Lee Chae-rok that he will train Deok-chul tips on how to ballet, and he’s in complete shock. Lee Chae-rok admits to Ki Seung-joo that he went to see his father, however he did not be there — he apologises for lacking the audition. Later on, he practices ballet, and Sim Deok-chul watches him. Lee Chae-rok approaches him and asks why he’s watching him.

‘you’ Episode Four

Park, who made his debut in 1990, has appeared in additional than two dozen movies, together with most just lately King Maker and Exit. He appeared in additional than three dozen dramas, including most just lately Brilliant Heritage, Liver or Die and Mad Dog. At 70, Sim Deok Chool, performed by Park In-hwan, has done every thing that was anticipated of him.

A drama program usually features a set of actors enjoying characters in a historic or up to date setting. Before the Nineteen Eighties, reveals (apart from soap opera-type serials) usually remained static with out story arcs, and the primary characters and premise changed little. If some change occurred to the characters’ lives during the episode, it was normally undone by the tip. Because of this, the episodes could be broadcast in any order. Since the 1980s, many series characteristic progressive change within the plot, the characters, or each. There are quite a variety of us here who watch this for nearly the identical purpose lmao.

  • He’s introduced to Mr Ki Seung-joo, and he’s a huge fan of him; he’s seen all of his performances in Korea.
  • There are fairly numerous us right here who watch this for nearly the identical reason lmao.
  • Some of my drama blogs appear on the That Only Happens In Kdramas FB web page.
  • Shim Duk Chool responds, “I also wished to fly as soon as before I die.” As Lee Chae Rok appears to hit a wall in progress, Shim Duk Chool continues to praise him and imagine in him.

As he sits along with his friends, all of them comment how much less of them seem to look there every single day. The passing of time is merciless, and 70 yr old Deok-Chool is well aware of this. I love how Naviellera has managed to make me care about the characters from the get go.

He confronts Chae-Rok and tells him he doesn’t deserve to reside a good life, particularly along with his Father being released from jail quickly. Feeling responsible, he agrees to pay for the boy’s dinner. His teacher, Mr Ki, grills him over his method and hesitation.

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